Awareness Through Movement®

In an Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) class the teacher verbally develops a thematic series of movements with additions and alternatives lasting approximately 45 minutes. Unlike other repetition-based movement classes, each ATM presents a new movement sequence. There are hundreds of lessons and each one can offer another layer–another opportunity–for the student to observe his or her movement in an environment geared to:

• Provide a non-competitive atmosphere, free of criticism;
• Encourage awareness of the movement and how it relates to the rest of the body;
• Identify habitual movement patterns which may be a source of pain;
• Support the unique movement experience of each student;
• Foster self-reliance and self-acceptance;

The lesson incorporates attention to breath, visual imagery, and occasional moments of rest, all of which help to integrate awareness of the movement pattern and bring it out of the class into daily life.